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big annoucement next Tuesday gang.

keep your eyes peeled...

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reminder that this is at 730pm tonight gang...

"Binge on the Edinburgh Fringe. 28 comedy and variety acts in one frenetically paced gig hosted by Arthur Smith"

Should be a good one! 

VIew the live stream / more info

May 02
• Edited (May 02, 2024)

Welcome to the 📺nextup-shows 
This channel is to recommend on-demand shows, livestreams and comedians. Any hidden gems of the platform? Favourite livestream format?
Discovering acts is not easy so lets help each other out... 🤘

and if you need support - please email to keep this channel exclusively for the above

August 19, 2023

I loved Elf and Duffy tonight , their performance was brilliant. Funny and clever . It was a fine example of how to be properly inclusive.
I want toleave a tip for them , whats the deal.


psst... guess who we filmed last night 🙌

June 10

A Night of Alternative Comedy - Cancelled.

I see this has been removed for the foreseeable future, I know it's out of anyone's hands but it's sad to see it not do well. I caught a couple of the streams and absolutely loved them.

I remember Colin apologising as not enough people turned up to the last one, hopefully it can be kick started again at some point.

This isn't a grumble, or a moan, just a hope that we can have some more similar content in the future.

New livestream added for TONIGHT!

7pm - tune in here:

May 28
• Edited (May 28, 2024)

Your link for tomorrow 🗝️

👉 Join the Zoom 
The digital doors open at 7:50pm....

The Zoom room is limited to the first 100 people but anybody can stream via NextUp

May 23
• Edited (May 23, 2024)
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New shows released gang! 🤩

Annabel Marlow
Annabel Marlow makes her solo debut full of original music, perfect singing (not even kidding), and absolute vibes.
-> Watch the Special

Dick Denham
Dick Denham is a non-binary 30something comedian from Croydon who takes the banality of everyday life and cleverly - and queerly - subverts
-> Watch the special

Ellie BW's Award Winning Set
Filmed at the Leicester Square Theatre, as part of the Sketch Off 2023 final, on the 1st of April 2023. This set awarded Ellie the title of winner of the competition.
-> Watch the short-form

May 16

very cool interactive show coming up gang from Stuart Laws ....

29th May - wang in diaries!