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Hi guys! Let’s jump into our brand new community channel nextup-shows! This is a space for our members to discuss NextUp’s live-streams and on-demand content.

Talk about what you’re watching at the moment, or looking forward to watching, and give your fellow comedy fans recommendations by linking directly to the shows on NextUp. 

But remember - comedy is subjective so ensure comments about shows you didn’t enjoy are constructive and tonally respectful.

We can’t wait to hear all your favourite NextUp shows. You might spot the NextUp team diving in here too with some tips of their own…

November 01
• Edited (Nov 01, 2023)

You wanted more content, so we're giving you more content 🙌

Three brand-new specials have just been dropped! From Stephen Grant, Lloyd Griffith and Dave Landau, plus short sets from Sarah Roberts and Vidura Rajapaksa 🤩

August 09

Hey Nextuppers, I reckon it's time we had some decent chat on these here new(ish) community feeds.... So, how did you find the first two livestreams of the Fringe? I personally loved both of them, and have new comedians to follow as a result. Also there was chat from some folk saying that they've never been to the Fringe before, and I'd like to know why, do you live far away? Or unable to make it for any other reason? I personally stay in Glasgow, so I'm just fucking lazy these days (I jest, I'm a chef so it's pretty tricky :p). Also let's reiterate what a great job  this platform  continues to do for live comedy and accessibility to it.

Much love,
Dan. (absolutely no affiliation to the site, just a huge live comedy fan)

August 19

I loved Elf and Duffy tonight , their performance was brilliant. Funny and clever . It was a fine example of how to be properly inclusive.
I want toleave a tip for them , whats the deal.

September 28

I got a reminder from my calendar but there’s no show link in the app calendar. All FW social media still talking about a streaming partner so I’m a bit confused

August 22

Is there any way to watch the Fringe shows on catchup?

September 01

Couldn't get to Edinburgh this year but one of the few shows I managed to see in Previews was Phil Ellis. Thought I'd take a look at the the stream to see what it was like in its proper setting and ended up watching the whole show again. Hugely enjoyable, but glad it wasn't in 3D.

August 27

Hi guys
Is there any way you could set up a tip jar for yourself as I'm sure a lot of us would love to give you guys a little something for a drink (or meal) to say thanks for all your hard work over the last month bringing us all these shows.
Your hard work is much appreciated by all of us especially the ones like me who can't get out to live events easily.
As a event Tec myself I know how much goes in to one event but 50+ how the hell did you do it Carlos will be untangling cables till Christmas.
So BIG BIG thanks to all
Martin & Carolyn

August 25

Just quickly between shows popped in here to say thank you for an excellent fringe lineup. On Sunday I’ll be running between shows for real and am sad to be missing the Sunday streaming lineup even to be in Edinburgh in person.

August 25

Or is it just me?