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February 15

Busco amistad 🇪🇦 musica

February 15

Busco amistad 🇪🇦

August 28, 2023

Thankyou very much.
I always used to go to the Fringe.
I no longer can.
I have profound physical disabilities.
But you allow me to feel like I'm there.
Really. It's a unique joy to me.
Very, very special.
Please feel free to increase your price if it subsides comedy like this.
You've made a difference

January 16

Hi, I returned a T-shirt before Christmas and I’m waiting for a refund. I have emailed through the shop app many times but no response, could someone let me know what’s happening?

August 22, 2023

Hello, about a week ago I posted a query asking why the Samsung tv next up app had been retired, especially since Samsung is the largest selling tv brand by some margin. A couple of people responded to it but there was no official response. I went to look today and see that the post has been deleted. There was nothing rude offensive or even contentious within it. There are other posts about different tv apps in this same community that haven’t been deleted. I’d be grateful for an explanation why it was deleted, especially if it was due to breaking some policy or guidelines.

October 22, 2023
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Tour American comedian Cassius Jane Hard Times Good Times Wellington City

September 13, 2023

Oh No - what has happened to the app on smart tv's? Now get a message just saying it no longer exists! :0(

November 05, 2023

Hello, I heard the cheerful Earfull video would be up here, specifically Pappys. Is that the case? Thanks.

September 08, 2023
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Edinburgh has come to a close and we're into tour season. Many of the great shows up at the Fringe will start to tour, alongside shows that haven't been up there.

Here are six shows I'd absolutely recommend catching on tour:

Laura Smyth : Living My Best Life

I love Laura. She's smart, hilarious and says it how it is. She's recently done Live at the Apollo and deserves to be absolutely huge.

Esther Manito : Hell Hath No Fury

I've loved Esther since seeing her first hour at Edinburgh a few years back...and she's on FIRE at the moment. Get in there!

Jordan Gray : Is It A Bird?

If you haven't seen this show yet you must! Jordan won our Biggest Award in Comedy at the fringe last year and went on to do multiple TV performances and a sold out show at the Palladium. The talent is insane.

Josie Long : Re-enchantment

Josie is my favourite. She's political and f*cking funny. Her shows are always perfectly crafted and whilst I haven't seen this one, I will certainly be booking in for the tour.

Rosie Jones : Triple Threat

Rosie's a national treasure - a must-see act who keeps getting pushed over by naughty Nish Kumar. She writes for and performs on loads of TV shows and this is your chance to catch her live on stage!

Jen Brister : The Optimist

Jen is one of the funniest acts on the circuit - her rants are legendary. Definitely catch this tour.

October 03, 2023

It would be great to be able to see what has already been watched or how much has been watched. Just a progress line under the icons would be helpful