Paul Crewe

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Mar 25 at 07:11 PM

Just had a chaser following an initial email , which I had replied to and queried as I also have lifetime membership , as well as being an investor from first fundraise.

Not a great customer experience - hopefully will be resolved soon !

Commented on Getting My Phil

Sep 05 at 09:38 PM

It WAS in 3D when we saw it .... But then that was in The Hive not on NextUp .... Will have to see if it's the same on rewind next week

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Jun 26 at 08:33 PM

Will be up for our traditional long weekend visit for first time since COVID - can't wait to be back !

Commented on Roku Hisense TV App

May 07 at 05:07 PM

Forgot to update here, just to close it all out , but thanks to support team I now have the updated app working perfectly on my Hisense TV. Many thanks

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Mar 31 at 06:25 PM

Just seen this thread after posting my own query re Roku App - and see Ellie's post says this is launching in March should I be expecting something to happen in the next 6 hours 😉 ? Here's hoping !