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Dan Wright

Replied on Edinburgh Fringe

Aug 14 at 12:59 AM

lizziebiolik Thanks for that very thorough answer Lizzie! Cornwall is one place I've sadly not visited yet, despite having spent a lot of time since I was young camping or in caravans up and down the country. Just one place my folks never got to. My old boss/pal is from Cornwall, says it's wild... Is this true?

Replied on Edinburgh Fringe

Aug 14 at 12:47 AM

Ian Sorensen Thank you man, I personally like the sound of Daniel Kirson's show. Did you participate yourself?

Replied on Edinburgh Fringe

Aug 13 at 08:19 PM

lizziebiolik Is there just the one comedy club in Cornwall? Do you have any sort of comedy festival?

Replied on Edinburgh Fringe

Aug 13 at 08:17 PM

20 shows in 4 days? Good work my man! And I totally agree about accommodation, it's just ridiculous. Airbnb are definitely reaping those rewards... I am a huge fan of Ahir Shah, saw his first show at the Stand a few years ago. He's extremely intelligent  and very funny, which I don't think has ever come across well on his tv appearances. He needs room to talk, and can read a room very well (got the poster signed too) :) 

First solid recommendation from a Nextupper, cheers Ian! Let's get Ahir's show sold out ;)



Aug 09 at 10:48 PM

Hey Nextuppers, I reckon it's time we had some decent chat on these here new(ish) community feeds.... So, how did you find the first two livestreams of the Fringe? I personally loved both of them, and have new comedians to follow as a result. Also there was chat from some folk saying that they've never been to the Fringe before, and I'd like to know why, do you live far away? Or unable to make it for any other reason? I personally stay in Glasgow, so I'm just fucking lazy these days (I jest, I'm a chef so it's pretty tricky :p). Also let's reiterate what a great job  this platform  continues to do for live comedy and accessibility to it.

Much love,
Dan. (absolutely no affiliation to the site, just a huge live comedy fan)